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Wednesday, May 12, 2021  Welcome to MDI Services
Drawing Management

There’s a persistent lottery industry myth that goes like this: LOTTERY PLAYERS ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN WINNING CASH. The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of thousands of players whose enthusiasm about playing the lottery actually grows when they DON’T win money – but are given the opportunity to extend the value of their ticket purchase with a second chance to win merchandise and experience prizes, like they can in an MDI licensed game.

Lotteries that have incorporated a regular schedule of MDI games into their product mix find that the second chance games not only create a very loyal player base, but those players break debunk another play behavior myth, namely, INSTANT GAMES ARE AN IMPULSE PURCHASE. Not so for the value-driven players who tell us that they go to a Lottery retailer with the expressed intent of buying the second chance game, and furthermore, that they’ll go out of their way and shop around to find the second chance games that they can’t find at their regular retailer.

MDI couples that understanding about consumers with the awareness that for many lotteries on lean budgets, maintaining the resources necessary to conduct second chance drawings can be a real burden.

Drawing Management - Click to enlarge So, when a lottery considers an MDI-licensed second chance game, they know that they have a total turn-key drawing management solution available to them. Since 1997, MDI has managed hundreds of second chance drawings for our lottery customers, handling everything from drafting procedures as stringent as the Lottery’s own, managing the collection and secure storage of entries via mail or the Internet, organizing and flawlessly conducting drawings under the watchful eye of independent auditors, contacting winners, answering consumer questions and, of course, handling all of the prize fulfillment requirements of a particular game.

Because each lottery has its own unique set of requirements, a key principle in MDI’s drawing management arena is FLEXIBILITY – we customize our processes to make them work for the lottery every time.

If you are not familiar with MDI’s drawing management service and want to learn more, please contact us for a presentation to the key individuals on your staff. Better yet, contact your colleagues in the lotteries that use our service and you will find a very high degree of satisfaction with the MDI drawing management processes.

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