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Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck was the ultimate game of chance. And who could forget the wicked image of the “Whammy?” The object of this successful show was to collect spins by answering trivia questions. The spins were then used on a colorfully lit, 18-space game board full of cash, prizes and-of course-Whammies. Flashing lights raced around the board and would stop upon the contestant’s command. Where the light stopped determined what the contestant won. The person with the most in cash and prizes at the end won the game.
"No Whammies, NO Whammies!" contestants frequently chanted mid-spin, hoping to ward off the red devilish cartoon creatures. The Whammy could appear on the game board at any time. Sometimes he carried a hammer, stuck out his tongue or walked like an Eqyptian to mock contestants. No matter what kind of Whammy popped up, all Whammies meant the same bad news for contestants... loss of all their money!
Hosted by Peter Tomarken, Press Your Luck aired on CBS from 1983 to 1986, but won the hearts of rerun viewers for eight more years. Nothing was better for the show's ratings than a scandal with legendary Press Your Luck contestant Michael Larson, who in 1984 mastered the sequence of lights by recording and studying the show. He then ran the board and took home over $110,000 in a single game!
The Whammy was menacing. But in some bizarre way Press Your Luck fans can't get enough. Bring the imagery and surprise of this whimsical game show to your instant lottery games.


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