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Wednesday, May 12, 2021  Welcome to MDI About Us
Company Snapshot

MDI Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scientific Games (NASDAQ: SGMS) is the world leader in providing game and promotional entertainment for use by the worldwide lottery industry. Established in 1986, MDI began marketing licensed games to lotteries in 1996 and since then has built a licensed property portfolio of extraordinarily popular licensed, patented or otherwise copyrighted properties for which MDI holds exclusive lottery licensing rights, including some of the world's best known and most loved symbols of entertainment and pop culture.

While they are typically positioned as niche games with discrete consumer segment appeal, the added excitement and bonus entertainment value built into the MDI licensed games often makes them among the most successful sellers in a lottery's line-up, when compared to comparably priced generic games. Post-promotion consumer research conducted by MDI, Scientific Games and customer lotteries has confirmed repeatedly that the use of merchandise in lottery games contributes significantly to the entertainment value that lottery consumers expect from their lottery play experiences. Findings from consumer research include measurable improvements in play behavior among consumers (creating new players, bringing lapsed players back into the market, creating or strengthening player loyalty and satisfaction), as well as attitudinal improvements, i.e. making the lottery more entertaining and fun to play.

Increasingly, lotteries are also finding that the special qualities of licensed games make them excellent candidates for special promotional activity that generates added enthusiasm among players, retailers and the media on a par with the excitement and attention typically reserved in the past for huge lotto jackpots.

To date, 47 North American Lotteries as well as lotteries on four other continents have been customers of MDI, many of them having made licensed games a strategic part of their overall marketing program each year. Over three and a half billion MDI-licensed instant scratch and pull-tab lottery tickets have been printed to date for more than seventy lottery jurisdictions, with those tickets valued at approximately $12.7 billion.

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